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At Tele-calls, we’re at the front lines of customer service. We know we play a key role in building brand loyalty for your organization, and we recognize how essential it is to deliver truly comprehensive customer support across all channels.

Full Service Customer Care

Customer service support

We have built a powerful customer service support solution that is customizable to your unique and changing business needs. Delivered by carefully profiled agents who are empowered to embody your brand, we focus on nurturing the lifetime relationships of your most loyal customers.

Order management

We painstakingly hire the right agents who can make accurate, intelligent decisions, provide process improvement input, and go beyond routine transactions to ensure your high-value customers are taken care of.

Tech support

In this increasingly digital world, supporting end users in high stress situations requires a comprehensive technical solution that carefully combines issue resolution with differentiated customer experience.

Loyalty program management

Your most loyal customers are emotionally invested in your brand and expect nothing less than outstanding customer service. When the loyalty of these customers matters more than anything else, we know that the thought of outsourcing your loyalty program management can be a decision filled with trepidation.

Quality Control

Specially dedicated quality team evaluates all the important metrics of your project on every stage of it plus get your personal evaluation of the current project stage.

After-sales support

A great business knows that customer experience doesn’t end with the sale. And even though the sale is already made, it is still critical to maintain your brand promise and deliver the best support and experience for your customers.


  • Tangible results within a reasonable period of time
  • Premium quality of the products and services
  • Broad experience in different spheres and types of businesses
  • KPI usage in every project
  • Weekly/Monthly detailed reports
  • Online support

Customer Support

Technical support is processing of all incoming calls concerning technical and operational issues in accordance with corporate standards of your company. These services help users solve their problems connected with the product. The biggest advantage of call centers, proving technical support, is the absence of lunch breaks, weekends and holidays; they work around the clock. Thus none of the incoming calls is missed. Moreover, your employees don’t have any more to waste their time on talking to customers about technical problems, focusing mainly on product sales and promotion.